A1 Soft Atom
A2 Brain Free Circus
A3 Radio Grand Prix
A4 Special Consume

B1 Feedback Self Service
B2 Sweep Mind Clean
B3 The Easy Way
B4 Air Condition

Colin Webster – alto saxophone
Matthew Grigg – guitar, amplifier

Recorded by Paul Brett at Peckham Road Studios on 15th January 2022 Mixed and mastered by Dirk Serries

Layout : Rutger Zuydervelt
Executive label director : Dirk Serries.


“5 stars ! Webster and Grigg have released a free jazz record that pushes into the realm experimental noise. Resting somewhere on the horizon bringing to mind earlier pioneers like Borbetomagus and Keith Rowe. The tracks bubble with abstract unfolding sounds. The two musicians create a powerful symbiotic relationship. It has an organic organization that reminds me of the sound and the sonic geometry of crumbling paper. However, Webster’s alto and Grigg’s guitar work are distinctly intact but together the music functions as a strong healthy and fully intact organism. That is to say that this jazz duo are keenly aware of the other and the process. Very highly recommended.” Birdboyblizzard – UK

“Following many CDs, the Belgium imprint A New Wave Of Jazz released a few LPs, and now they are expanding to the world of cassettes. I am unsure if there is a particular reason to switch to cassettes, and I won’t speculate. The other cassette contains a duet between Colin Webster (alto saxophone), a New Wave Of Jazz regular, and Matthew Grigg (guitar, amplifier), whom we heard once before (Vital Weekly 1040). They recorded their music in a single day, following which Serries did the mixing and mastering. I am sure this mixing didn’t interfere with the order of the music; I believe it instead has to do with putting the right balance between these instruments. The eight pieces on this cassette offer some more radical free improvisation music. The alto saxophone is easily recognized, and Webster plays it most chaotic. The guitar is something else. I have no idea how Grigg plays his instrument, but it is barely recognizable as a guitar. I think he mutes his strings and creates mainly a scratching sound. This way of playing instruments results in quite a nerve-wracking spiel between the two players. This cassette lasts fifty minutes, and it is quite a ride; it is a wild but most exhausting one. Indeed, the music has the most overwhelming quality when played at a maximum volume. But I don’t see any other way to enjoy this music except at total volume. Perhaps, at times a bit too much free improvisation for me, but I enjoyed the sheer brutality here.” Vital Weekly – The Netherlands