Happy Release Day !

Today are officially out our first two vinyl releases under the original NWOJ flag ! These vinyls are the first in a new series of LPs dedicated to the strength of the solo improvisation : DIRK SERRIES – Solo Acoustic Guitar Improvisation I (the first in seven installments focusing on his interaction with the acoustic Höfner archtop guitar) and GONCALO ALMEIDA – Monologos a Dois (a beautiful double bass solo performance at the Old Charlois church in Rotterdam). Support and get your copy now as this is a limited edition to 100 copies.

By disbanding the effects and electricity, the solo acoustic setting became the most naked and vulnerable setting possible. There is nothing left to hide behind and it takes some courage to do that.” Guy Peters

A dive into the musician’s resources and introspection.” Guy Peters

John Russell

The great JOHN RUSSELL passed away. Our label had the priveledge to work with him, Stefan Keune and Kris Vanderstraeten for the release of ‘On Sunday‘ and slowly we got to know the person behind the mentor and innovator he’s. Since the 70s he has been a significant musician and guitarist in the free impro scene, UK and abroad. Focused on the acoustic archtop guitar, John was unique and wilful in his style of playing. For many, like affiliated musicians like Daniel Thompson and Dirk Serries, JOHN RUSSELL was a mentor, a source of inspiration and one of the greatests who paved the way for improvising on the guitar. To get an idea on the artist/human being himself, read this excellent interview with him.
Sleepwell, dear friend.


Last year KODIAN TRIO (Colin Webster, Andrew Lisle, Dirk Serries) was about to celebrate their 5th anniversary when covid19 decided differently. Their exciting tour got cancelled. The trio did one show, just prior to the national lockdowns throughout Europe, on February 29th, 2020, at the BRÅK festival (held at the fantastic Hundred Years Gallery, London UK). And now slated for a cd release on February 16th. Recorded and mixed by Martin Clarke for his own OEM Records. Check out the teaser.

Segment Tones

The lastest AMBIENT LANDSCAPE episode features an excerpt from ‘Modulation Grid I’ which has COLIN WEBSTER on clarinet, MARTINA VERHOEVEN on concertina and DIRK SERRIES on soprano melodica. The album ‘SEGMENT TONES’ is still available from our store and check that out that episode.