Double bass veteran PETER JACQUEMYN and guitarist DIRK SERRIES met for the first time by initiative of the Lokerse Jazzclub (Belgium) in September 2020, between two lockdowns. This concert became a beautiful example of a perfect match in improvisation, both fascinated by the abstract and pushing their instrument to the edge of tonality, from the first notes till the very end fully in sync. RAW TONK RECORDS is releasing this concert in a limited run of 100 copies. Now in pre-order and officially out on October 25th, 2021. Grab here your copy here.


From here on it’s all about our first curated event at jazzclub PlusEtage on October 22nd, 2021.

For a few years we’ve been scouting Belgium for a venue to unleash our vision, to share our passion for the musicians we representing on A New Wave Of Jazz. Our label isn’t just a label but a modus operandi to support the free improvisation and avantgarde, pure from the heart, beyond hype and commercialization, and bring our label’s affiliated musicians home to a venue that already breathes adventure. PlusEtage is a genuine jazz club, since 1972, based in this pittoresque border town Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog in The Netherlands and Belgium, and it’s here we’ll start our two-monthly curated series on October 22nd.

The opening concert will be a trio consisting of MARTINA VERHOEVEN on piano, GEORGE HADOW on drums and PATRICK DE GROOTE on trumpet. Martina already played with both of them but this line-up is exclusive to this premiere of our series. It will be beautiful. Tickets you can book through PlusEtage by mail ( See you there.

Just two days later, on October 24th, 2021, MARTINA VERHOEVEN en PATRICK DE GROOTE are teaming up with KRIS VANDERSTRAETEN (percussion), JEAN DEMEY (double bass) and DIRK SERRIES (guitar) for a matinee concert at Leuven’s Oratoriënhof. Starts at 2.30pm. Not to be missed either.


TOM JACKSON (clarinet), TOM MALMENDIER (snare drum) and DIRK SERRIES (guitar) are playing an intimate and acoustic trio set at Boom Café in Brussels. Entrance is free, kick off at 8pm.


ALAN WILKINSON & DIRK SERRIES’ One In The Eye (2cd) is reviewer’s choice in Belgium’s JAZZ & MO magazine. The album is still available from our store or on bandcamp.

“De keuze van onze recensenten. Wilkinson is een vaste waarde in de Britse avantgarde scene, Serries is een Belgische artiest met een indrukwekkende staat van dienst in de wereld van de industrial en ambient muziek.  De laatste jaren concentreert hij zich meer op jazz en geïmproviseerde muziek.  Deze dubbele cd met vooral Wilkinson in een hoofdrol, brengt een combinatie van studio- en liveopnames waarbij de twee totaal vrij improviseren, soms met elkaar, soms naast elkaar, zonder concreet doel of thema, maar wel met de inspiratie van het moment.  Deze muziek klinkt als een abstract schilderij en illustreert de relatie tussen vrije improvisatie en abstracte kunst.  Boeiend om je te laten meevoeren in de flow, mits de juiste mindset.” Jazz & Mo – Belgium