Dirk Serries : acoustic guitars
Kris Vanderstraeten : percussion
Martina Verhoeven : piano

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio, Anderlecht
(Belgium) on December 2018. Sleeve notes : Guy Peters.  Layout : Rutger Zuydervelt

“Of an entirely different nature is the trio disc that Serries and Verhoeven recorded a month later, December 2018, with percussionist Kris Vanderstraeten (also known for his work with Timo van Luijck). Here Verhoeven is at the piano, where she is often to be found and Serries plays acoustic guitar. Here we have five pieces of hardcore free improvisation and perhaps, even if this sounds negative (which it is not), it sounds exactly as you would imagine free mprovised/free jazz music to sound like. Upon superficial hearing, it is three people producing sounds on their instruments in a chaotic and disoriented manner. Verhoeven plays the keys, Vanderstraeten rattles the cages and both instruments sound like you know they do, but Serries plucks, hits, scratches the
strings, and effective maltreatment of the acoustic guitar. Your teacher would not approve. However, I am not someone who hears this kind of music for the first time; that doesn’t mean I am an expert on this, far from it. I do think I have, in general, a wide interest in matters of new music, and understand a little something of the world of interaction. That is what this is about; this is the music of three people enjoying the total freedom to play together, use the instruments as they see fit, and while superficially it may seem they are just doing something free and wild, I would think they listen and respond to each other in a great way. Responding, acting and re-acting, doing the same thing or doing something completely different and all along keep the listener listening. This is getting close to the area of free jazz, but it is not, I would think, even when trying to distinguish both matters is not easy. Just like this music is not easy, but upon close listening reveals a lot of beauty.” Vital Weekly – The Netherlands.