Daniel Thomson : acoustic guitar
Colin Webster : alto saxophone

Recorded on 15th June 2018 at Soundsavers, London by Mark Jasper
Mixed by Dirk Serries.  Mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. studio, Anderlecht (Belgium).
Sleeve notes : Guy Peters.  Layout : Rutger Zuydervelt

“BOSKAGE” was recorded by Daniel Thomson (acoustic guitar) and Colin Webster (alto saxophone). Both improvisers have an inspiring playing manner, driving style and unique sound. All the music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The main priority to fascinating experiments, innovative decisions and inventive playing techniques is in every composition. Musicians don’t hesitate to make the radical, provocative, crazy or simply weird musical decisions. Their music is a mix of passionate, driving, energetic and dynamic sound. Dozens of emotions, moods, characters and expressions form a rich and expressive musical language. Musicians like to get on driving free improvisations, extract strange timbres, express different moods and integrate pleasant surprises in the musical pattern. All these elements finally make an exciting and expressive sound.

“BOSKAGE” is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The main basics of avant-garde jazz are fused together with other jazz styles. Innovative experimental jazz is filled with extended playing techniques, modern and exclusive instrumental section, sonoristic experiments and specific ways of playing. That’s the centre of the compositions. An interesting and organic stylistic allusion is made. Improvisers like to turn on absolutely different direction – they make a colorful and sparkling mix of styles, sounds and expressions. From innovations of experimental jazz, a duo make a return to the roots – the main typical basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are used here. A nice organic synthesis between traditions and innovations is made. The improvisers make an effort to create universal, colorful and bright music pattern. An independent, luminous and driving melody line is the centre of it. Alto saxophone is the source of vibrant, energetic ,trembling and thrilling sound. Colin Webster is a great saxophonist – he has a hypnotysing and expressive playing manner, inspiring and driving playing style and rich musical language. All his music is based on free improvisation and open form – immediate reponses, sensible and exciting corresponding to each other’s playing, spontaneous surprises, sudden turns and dizzy passages are the main elements. Improviser has an outstanding virtuosity, innovative point of view and modern musical language. Stormy vibrant culminations, dreamy lullabies, relaxing meditations, repetitive minimalistic samples, striking riffs, exciting expressive melodies, dizzy flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments, special effects and sonoristic experiments meet together in his music. That makes an effort to emotional, dynamic and expressive sound. Alive, expressive, vital and blooming melody line is the key of whole album and the source of vividness, drive and energy. Acoustic guitar has contrasting and bright sound. Lyrical soft riffs, gentle light solos, passionate luminous culminations, remarkable melodies, strange timbres, research of extended playing techniques and special effects contain the main base of the compositions. Daniel Thomson is blurring the line between different moods and sudden changes – stormy culminations passe to silent pauses, light gentle passages are changed by wild shrieky riffs, dramatic culminations or any other mood. An organic synthesis of rhythms, tunes, sounds, expressions and timbres is made. Dynamic rhythmic section, gorgeous background, extended and innovative instrumental section, sharp modern harmony line and terrific melody line are the main compounds of musical pattern. A duo creates an inspiring, expressive and vivid sound.” Avant Scena – Poland

“The first of the two duos this time is the acoustic guitar of Daniel Thompson and the alto saxophone of Colin Webster, also of Tonus (see last week). I am not sure if I heard of Daniel Thompson before, but he played with Steve Noble, Neil Metcalfe, Tom Jackson, Benedict Taylor and Alex Ward. Here we enter the zone where free improvisation and free jazz meet up. Like the Serries/Verhoeven/Vanderstraeten release from last week this one about total freedom in playing, and none of the instruments are treated in a very regular way. Although, and I am not proficient in playing either instrument here, I can imagine it is easier to extract some sounds out of an acoustic guitar by the inexperienced player, and it still sounds like someone is banging the strings, but with the saxophone, I am less sure. I would imagine it needs some skill in the use of lips. On this release, both instruments can be recognized and yet both players use also a variety of techniques to do other stuff. Using a bow on the strings, or the saxophone as a percussion instrument. The interaction between both players is great. There is refinement in playing together, responding and being independent, each on par with the other. The duties are equally divided and separated. One takes the lead, the other follows, and roles might be reversed as easily. This is certainly not easy music and at fifty-five minutes also quite a sit through at this radical level. Best to be taken in a smaller portion or at full volume all at once, and not doing anything else but concentrated listening.” Vital Weekly – The Netherlands