Headmaster Gene Bulmer of AMBIENT LANDSCAPE made a new podcast mix featuring a lot of A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ and related releases and described it as ‘this is a magnum opus – a veritable whirlwind of a “New Wave of Jazz”!’. Who are we to claim otherwise ? Enjoy.

elements cornerstone | Avant Garde/Ether Jazz/Jazz/Noise | 80:31
“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”
Isaiah 28:16

Experimental excursions into heretofore uncharted, Jazz-ish territory . . .
I’ve been associated (by way of crafting podcasts) with this genre of avant-garde jazz, predominantly of out of Belgium, since 2018 (TONUS Tribute mix).
At first, I sprinkled the TONUS tracks in amongst other, avant-garde & experimental sounding artists. Slowly, however, I began to appreciate more and more the tone, texture & timbre of the work of Dirk Serries & Company’s ‘A New Wave of Jazz’.

At first blush, the listener may hear only discordant, improvised ‘noise’ – but I would encourage you to re-listen to the intricate nuances & balance contained within the scope of their work.
Improvised? Yes, indeed! But, in sync with one another’s sense of musical timing and “erratic harmony”, the flow can be utterly captivating. It goes without saying that I have acquired a distinct taste for this New Wave of Jazz!

This edition is both a retrospective as well as an embracing of some of the group’s newer offerings (tracks 4, 6, 10, 12, 13 & 16). Track 14, courtesy of ECM.

01 Dirk Serries & Asmus Tietchens – Air Concertina (edit)
02 TONUS – Ear Duration 03, Set 1 (edit)
03 Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin – Slicing Ups
04 Guilherme Rodrigues & Dirk Serries – A Palm
05 Dirk Serries & Tom Malmendier – Coded Ideal
06 Asmus Tietchens & Dirk Serries – Höfner Akte 3
07 Goncalo Almeida – Monólogos a Dois III
08 Daniel Thompson & Colin Webster – BOSKAGE 02/II
09 Serries, Vanderstraeten & Verhoeven – Tangent
10 Colin Webster, Emilie Škrijelj, Dirk Serries, Martina Verhoeven & Tom
Malmendier – Oud Klooster (excerpt)
11 Vanderstraeten, Russell & Keune – On Sunday 2 (edit_2)
12 Jackson, Serries & Vanderstraeten – Dandelion
13 Philipp Ernsting & Hugo Costa – Oase
14 Stefano Battaglia & Michele Rabbia – Spirits of Myths
15 Rubicon Quartet – Caught a Flying Ghost
16 Hugo Costa & Philipp Ernsting – Blind Spot