This week, from Thursday on, DIRK SERRIES has his 4-day artist in residency at ROADBURN 2022. The original stoner rock and metal festival that has been challenging their audience in the last 10 years or so with expanding their musical boundaries and a knack for adventurous programming. This year, together with jazzclub PARADOX, they invited DIRK SERRIES for 4 days – giving the audience a glimpse in his versatile sound universe – from drone to free improvisation.
For those who have tickets, this is what he has lined up :
Thursday April 21, 2022 : KRISTOFFER LO & DIRK SERRIES
Friday April 22, 2022 : YODOK III
Saturday April 23, 2022 : TONUS (feat. Colin Webster, Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries & Tom Malmendier)
Sunday April 24, 2022 : MARTINA VERHOEVEN QUINTET (feat. Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries, Colin Webster, Onno Govaert & Gonçalo Almeida)
Check out the ROADBURN and PARADOX websites for all relevant information.

A New Wave Of Jazz calls upon 2 extraordinary musicians from the British free jazz and improvisation scene. ANDREW LISLE is a dynamic and unique drummer, someone with a completely individual style and with an extensive sound palette on the drums. Together with Colin Webster and Dirk Serries he forms the working band KODIAN TRIO  and he’s frequently-asked musician in the British free impro scene. CHARLOTTE KEEFFE is perhaps the most active trumpet player in free improvisation in the United Kingdom, she just released her own album to critically acclaim on the Discus Music label. Charlotte and Andrew already played as duo at the A New Wave Of Jazz festival (early 2020 in London), and this was simply impressive.Extremely dynamic, playful and intense at the same time. Get ready. Tickets and info, visit the PlusEtage website.

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