TOM JACKSON & COLIN WEBSTER’s THE OTHER LIES gets a fine review on Canada’s JAZZWORD by Ken Waxman. The album is of course still available from our store and on bandcamp. BANDCAMP is by the way waiving their revenue shares once again so that every penny goes directly to the musicians themselves. We’re offering you a 35% on individual digital or physical releases and a 60% discount on the full digital catalog.   Thank you for your support !!

“The nub of linearity also occasionally peeks through the overblowing and segmented tones that make up The Other Lies. Jackson who has been part of The Apartment House and Webster who plays with Daniel Thompson and others, use every part of their respective instruments to source new and unique textures. Yet by the time they reach the concluding “VI” track, near classic textures are heard among clarion vibrations from the clarinet and resonating low pitches from the baritone saxophone. This confirms that linear harmonies and gentling balance are also present. Otherwise what lies in The Other Lies are mini essays in extended techniques with shrill and staccato clarinet lines butting up against alto or baritone tongue slaps, continuous blowing and split tone fragmentation. A few fowl honks suddenly increase the tempo in parts, and brief silent interludes prolong the sound descriptions. “I” sets up the improvisations at greatest length, starting with both overblowing in double counterpoint at great length. Breaking apart into altissimo clarinet squeals and grainy alto saxophone scoops and split tones, Webster soon joins Jackson at the highest reed pitches. Throwing the connective ostinato back and forth, the two reach a climax of harder, heavier and more segmented vibrations.”