Here’s a nice short review of TOM JACKSON & COLIN WEBSTER’s THE OTHER LIES album, just released, on Warmth Highest. Available here and here.

The Other Lies is a collection of six improvised duets performed by Tom Jackson on clarinet Colin Webster on alto and baritone saxophones.Tom Jackson is very accomplished in the fields of contemporary classical music and free improvisation. He also holds a Ph.D from Canterbury Christ Church University. Colin Webster is a musician whose works I’ve reviewed here before. When one of his releases comes up on my Bandcamp feed I always take notice. He’s a prolific and under appreciated figure in the free jazz scene. I consider him a leader in the genre. The Other Lies is a very austere collection in terms of sound and song titles. One cannot help but think of Anthony Braxton. The relationship between Jackson and Webster is fantastic. The vibe is very natural and conversational. It feels like Webster probably sets the tone and Jackson is extraordinarily astute in return. However, that’s just a guess on the process from my part. Obviously, I can’t say for certain. What I can say is that these are great improvisations from two fantastic musicians.”