Here’s a lovely featurette on Gene Bulmer’s excellent AMBIENT LANDSCAPE mixcloud series.

01 Alan Wilkinson & Dirk Serries – Pull the Other One
02 Anton Mobin & Martina Verhoeven – Mound
03 John Edwards & Dirk Serries – Melancholia, ii
04 Tom Jackson & Colin Webster – The Other Lies, vi

u n f o c u s e d [j o l t!] | Avant-Garde/Ether-Jaz/Jazz | 72:29

This is a “bonus” u n f o c u s e d edition — being that I received the material on Wednesday and its release date is tomorrow. My long-distance (Belgium) friend & ether-jazz associate, Dirk Serries, sent a brand new batch of experimental Jazz excursions & I wanted to craft a quick preview of work from A New Wave of Jazz.

And so we present another collective featuring more cacophonous, avant-garde (yet melodious) din (from new releases on 1/15/22).