Not on our own label but very related indeed. This magnificent quartet with JOHN EDWARDS on double bass, ANDREW LISLE on percussion, DIRK SERRIES on acoustic guitar and COLIN WEBSTER on alto sax (all four key players on our label) have an album coming up on the excellent RAW TONK RECORDS.

The title Peck and Fleet refers to two of London’s many ‘lost rivers’ that used to traverse the area until the city sprawl covered them over and hid them away. The album itself is a London story, recorded at the legendary Dave Hunt Studio in the West of the City. Musically, the quartet play fully acoustic, and with Lisle playing a minimal percussion set-up. The stripped-back instrumentation allows for a focus on texture and timbre, but doesn’t prevent moments of ferociousness either. Peck and Fleet is reminiscent of many albums from the formative ‘golden-era’ of improvised music, with the undeniable stamp of personality from these ‘modern- era’ musicians.

Now available as a pre-order directly from Raw Tonk Records.