Right when TOM MALMENDIER and DIRK SERRIES are playing a few shows together again, Ken Waxman of JAZZWORD reviewed their 2020 duo debut ‘VANGUARD’. Available here and here.

“Probing the immensity of percussion textures is Belgian drummer Tom Malmendier, propelling resonances that range from the unexpected to the unforeseen. Cordially stroking parts of a regular kit on Vanguard, he’s paired with another unconventional player Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries. Serries is an accomplished participant in sessions with players as different as Colin Webster and Asmus Tietchems. Throughout this CD he often strikes the strings of his acoustic guitar in a fashion that he could be heard using a resonating National steel guitar favored by 1930s Blues singers. As he slashes and skins his strings Malmendier responds with crunches, ruffs and cymbal buzzes. Except for a few brief sequences when the interaction stabilizes into downy percussion rubs and string stopping, elaboration is based on how efficiently metallic idiophone pressure can challenge and accompany wound string twangs and frails. As the guitarist work up and down his strings on the title track, for instance, drum pops and bangs fill in the background until string slides lead to a spectacular display of bottleneck-like reverb and single-string plucks up against scratches on unyielding percussion objects. Picking up the narrative, the subsequent “Coded Ideal” is both heavier and thinner. Reverberating idiophone buzzing and thumping screeches alongside twangs so thick that notes seem to detach from the guitar. Later both player’ lines shatter into atom-sized noises.” Jazzword – Canada


ELEMENTS STRANDS is Gene Bulmer’s new episode of his mixcloud show Ambient Landscape. He has been a faithful supporter of our label over past episode and on this one he plays pieces from GONCALO ALMEIDA’s MONOLOGOS A DOIS and COLIN WEBSTER & DIRK SERRIES’ LIGHT INDUSTRY.

Listen here:

01 Goncalo Almeida – Monólogos a Dois II
02 Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 59
03 Sonar – Slow Shift
04 Soft Machine – Broken Hill
05 Yaz Ahmed – The Space Between the Fish & the Moon
06 Avishai Cohen & Big Vicious – Fractals
07 John Scofield, Steve Swallow & Bill Stewart – In F
08 Andy Summers – Harmonograph
09 Art Ensemble of Chicago – 597-59
10 Colin Webster & Dirk Serries – Spring
11 David Torn – Balet Pentru un Orizont Disparut
(Ballet for a Missing Horizon)
12 Miles Davis – Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (treated)
13 Kenny Barron & the Dave Holland Trio – Pass it On
……(featuring Jonathan Butler)


KODIAN TRIO’s ANDREW LISLE (drums) and DIRK SERRIES (guitar) are playing the SCHEUNE ABRISS festival at Scheune in Dresden (Germany) tomorrow evening. For those in the vicinity, grab your chance to see these two musicians for the first time in duo. Visit the website for all info.


Vanaf de tweede helft van 2021 slaan A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ  en jazzclub PLUSETAGE de handen in elkaar met een nieuwe reeks van concerten die zal lopen naast de reguliere programmatie van PlusEtage, de jazzclub is sinds 1972 gevestigd in het pittoresk grensdorp Baarle Nassau (Nederland).  Een reeks concerten volledig gewijd aan de vrije improvisatie, avantgarde en de experimentele tak van de free jazz, zoals het label dit dan ook ademt.

Deze muziekstijlen komen vooral live tot hun recht en voor A New Wave Of Jazz biedt PlusEtage juist deze mogelijkheid.  Het intimistisch karakter van de zaal en de vrije mindset van PlusEtage gaan een perfecte tandem vormen met de eigenzinnigheid van het label en hun sterke motiviatie om deze segmenten van de Jazz meer uit te lichten.  

Tweemaandelijks zullen zij samen u een reeks van fascinerende, sterke en unieke concerten brengen.

Kijk gerust eens op de website van PlusEtage. De premiere van hun samenwerking vindt plaats op vrijdag 22 oktober 2021 met het trio MARTINA VERHOEVEN/GEORGE HADOW/PATRICK DE GROOTE.

From October 2021 on, A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ and jazz club PLUSETAGE join forces with a new series of concerts that will run alongside the regular PlusEtage events, since 1972 located in the mesmerizing bordertown of Baarle-Nassau (Netherlands). A series of concerts, curated by the label, completely devoted to free improvisation, avant-garde and free jazz.

This kind of music lives and breathes on stage and so the intimistic character of the venue and the free mindset of PlusEtage forms a perfect tandem with the idiosyncrasy of the label and their strong motivation to shed more light on these segments of Jazz.

These concerts will take place bi-monthly at the end of that month. The take-off is set on Friday October 22nd, 2021 with the MARTINA VERHOEVEN/GEORGE HADOW/PATRICK DE GROOTE trio. Check out the PlusEtage website.


Last Saturday drummer GEORGE HADOW and DIRK SERRIES played a duo concert at a mesmerizing little chapel in Bocholt (Belgium), organised by JAZZBLAZZT. Here’s a beautiful photo taken by Jurgen Moortgat. Check out their initial 2016 debut duo album ‘Outermission’ on UK’s Raw Tonk Records.