Check out this lovely interview with legendary electro-acoustic composer ASMUS TIETCHENS. He talks about his early recordings in the sixties, his life-long collaboration with Okko Bekker and about ‘AIR’, his album with Dirk Serries on A New Wave Of Jazz. Read it here.


TEUN VERBRUGGEN & DIRK SERRIES Live In Concert (De Loods, Stramproy/Netherlands) Saturday July 10th, 8pm.

About 7 years ago, drummer Teun Verbruggen and guitarist Dirk Serries released a much-appreciated duo debut album under the title ‘Art Of Cosmic Musings’. This album, together with the creation of YODOK III (with Tomas Järmy and Kristoffer Lo), was the foundation for Dirk Serries’ adventure in free improvisation. Now 7 years later, Teun and Dirk are once again joining forces for an exclusive open air concert, organized by Jazzblazzt in collaboration with A New Wave Of Jazz. A new studio album will be recorded later this year.  The event is a private one but you can reserve your seat by emailing : Due to the covid19 the ‘tickets’ are limited so get in touch to make your reservation. All info about the address you’ll get when reservering your seat.


Our latest PORTAMENTO episode focuses on the exciting duo combination of saxophone and drums, featuring some of the most profound duos operating in the current free impro scene. Enjoy this episode.

01. John Butcher & Ståle Liavik Solberg – It Starts (So Beautiful, It Starts to Rain, Clean Feed 2016).
02. Colin Webster & Andrew Lisle – Zennor (New Invention, A New Wave Of Jazz 2020).
03. Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark – There Is Nothing Left to Break (Dual Principle, Smalltown Superjazz 2004).
04. Stefan Keune & Paul Lovens – Brussels, April 14th 2013 – excerpt (Live 2013, FMR Records 2016).
05. Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano – For Jim Pepper (Scraps and Shadows, Roaratorio 2012).
06. Andrew Cheetham & Alan Wilkinson – Out Radius (The Vortex Of Past Time, A New Wave Of Jazz 2020).


RUBICON QUARTET’s CROSSCURRENTS album keeps on getting attention and this time two radioshows, from Belgium to over the Atlantic. Enjoy. CROSSCURRENTS you can still buy from our website and bandcamp.

Gene Bulmer’s AMBIENT LANDSCAPES just uploaded a new episode, ‘Elements_Painted’ features ‘Rubicon’ from their album.

Belgium’s BEMUSE focuses on Belgian music. This episode features coincidentally the same song from ‘Crosscurrents’.


For our US followers the excellent mail-order company Squidco carries some of our titles from now on and hopefully more to come. This will help you to avoid the outrageous postage while still supporting the DIY community. Thanks.

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