Ken Waxman of JAZZWORD just wrote a review on ARVING GANGA & RICCARDO MAROGNA’s BALLADS FROM THE WRECKED SHIP, A New Wave Of Jazz released last year. Available through our bandcamp shop.

“Both Den Haag-based, though Arvind Ganga who plays guitar and objects is Dutch, and Riccardo Marogna, who uses electronics with his tenor saxophone and bass clarinet is from Verona, the Netherlands duo have played internationally over the years and worked with dancers and in multi-media. Sounding almost detuned, Ganga’s guitar strokes which begin his duo disc, combine with object rattling and electronic crackles to produce a defining exposition alongside Marogna’s split tones or darker scoops. When some tracks undulate to unexpected fragmentation due to reed honks, altissimo smears or seemingly never-ending strums, a basic linearly preserves the tracks’ flow. Some improvisations such as “Zeelas” and the concluding “Kzans”, intensify the harshness with, for instance, electronics bringing crinkling vibrations into the mix, adding to chiming guitar resounds plus circular breathed puffs. “Kzans” ups the ante with stiff clanks and clips from Ganga’s objects and strings while Marogna’s undulating flutters complete the piece. These whistling peeps are also heard on warmer track such as “The Limp Leaves Waited For Rain, While The Black Clouds Gathered far distant, over Himavant”. Meanwhile moderated reed vibrations and linear slurs quicken into fragmented and dissonant split tones in response to metallic string strokes that get louder and more intense as the piece evolves. Limiting interaction to two instruments doesn’t lead to a lessening in power, production or perception. Plus part of the fascination of these session is following how improvisations are created, shaped and resolved.” Jazzword – Canada