COLIN WEBSTER & MATTHEW GRIGG’s GOOD TO BE BACK REALITY cassette release just got a short but stunning 5 stars review on BirdBoyBlizzard. You can still order this cassette through our bandcamp shop.

“5 stars ! Webster and Grigg have released a free jazz record that pushes into the realm experimental noise. Resting somewhere on the horizon bringing to mind earlier pioneers like Borbetomagus and Keith Rowe. The tracks bubble with abstract unfolding sounds. The two musicians create a powerful symbiotic relationship. It has an organic organization that reminds me of the sound and the sonic geometry of crumbling paper. However, Webster’s alto and Grigg’s guitar work are distinctly intact but together the music functions as a strong healthy and fully intact organism. That is to say that this jazz duo are keenly aware of the other and the process. Very highly recommended.”