A New Wave Of Jazz’s curator DIRK SERRIES receives an unique opportunity from the magnificent ROADBURN FESTIVAL in conjunction with jazzclub PARADOX in Tilburg to exhibit during the 4 days of this festival what he has been creating over these 38 years in experimental, avantgarde, electronic and free-improvised music.

APRIL 21. The first performance will see Dirk team up with fellow YODOK III member, Kristoffer Lo. Having previously collaborated separately with the ‘other’ third of the band, Tomas Järmyr for The Void of Expansion, it was surely only a matter of time before this pairing would come together too. Dirk will play the electric guitar, whilst Kristoffer will perform with an amplified tuba and flugabone, turning their instinctive passion for melancholic, cycling harmonies into an ambient drone requiem that will mesmerise with its utter beauty.

APRIL 22. All three members of YODOK III will come together for a performance on the Friday – bringing together this improvisational ensemble in an intimate setting that is perfect to see them at the height of their powers. YODOK III is a band that thrives on the adrenaline of improvisation, and the interaction and momentum that it brings. Do not miss this special performance that is sure to be dynamic, engaging and truly transcendental.

APRIL 23. Saturday will bring a performance by TONUS – Dirk’s minimalist ensemble that has a constantly evolving line up (this performance will feature Martina Verhoeven on piano, Colin Webster on saxophone, and Tom Malmendier on drums alongside Dirk). Describing it as “an exercise in discipline and anticipation while controlling the clarity, sustain and effect of each single note played” – we can’t wait to experience TONUS in person. TONUS will perform a brand new piece that blooms outward from a piano-led focal point. As a counter to the electronic-driven work that Dirk is best known for, TONUS offers an acoustic equivalent, and an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves.

The grand finale of Dirk’s residency is the Martina Verhoeven Quintet. Dirk runs a record label, A New Wave of Jazz, which focuses on his quest for free improvised, avant-garde and free jazz music – this curiosity and passion shines through on the final piece of this puzzle. The quintet is built around the piano virtuosity of polymath and multi-instrumentalist, Martina Verhoeven.  The assembled musicians – Dirk on acoustic guitar, Onno Govaert on drums, Gonçalo Almedia on double bass, and Colin Webster on saxophone will create a high tension, free improvisation performance led by Martina’s energetic and unique piano playing.