In memory of John Russell

Dirk Serries’ PORTAMENTO radio show on the Concertzender aired yesterday evening an episode dedicated to John Russell, the great British impro guitarist who unfortunately left this earth just recently and way too early. You can now listen online to this ode.

Playlist :
1. John Russell – The Folkestone Girls (Hyste, psi 2010).
2. John Russell & Roger Turner – Ghost Of A Chance (Birthdays, Emanem1996)
3. John Russell / Phil Durrant / John Butcher – Liberal Dose [Audi Alteram Partem] (Conceits, Emanem 2015)
4. John Russell / Stefan Keune / Kris Vanderstraeten – On Sunday Part One – excerpt (On Sunday, A New Wave Of Jazz 2020)
5. John Russell / Maarten Altena / Terry Day – Euphemism (The Fairly Young Bean, Emanem 1985)
6. John Russell & Pascal Marzan – In Mr. Niwa’s Garden, Two Chickens Suddenly Ate A Crocodile (Translations, Emanem 2011)