UK’s Progress Report wrote a nice short review on Dirk Serries’ collaboration with his longtime comrade Asmus Tietchens, released on our label in 2019. Still available from our shop.

“Six compositions by these prolific pioneers of electroacoustic and contemporary avant-electronic music who both first cut their teeth on the post-industrial DIY circuit of the 1980s. Each of these pieces is formed around one particular instrument being the centrepoint, ranging from a clarinet to an accordion or even a harmonica, played by Serries and subjected to Tietchens’ broadly subtle yet persuasive treatments. The results amount to an impressive array of minimalist snatches, microscopic gestures and wheezing or whispery tones and timbres at least accorded accessibility through some melodic swells peppered amongst the ambience. It could be contended these pieces owe more to Serries’ work as Vidna Obmana even, but Tietchens’ stamp, particularly from more recent work of his, is all over them. “Air” might seem a somewhat understated listen for the most part, with its meshing of hazy shuffles and soft bellows, but it is one that commands attention. A great addition to the ambient music canon.” Progress Report – UK