Minimal ensemble TONUS, led by label curator Dirk Serries, has two new releases. Both releases are available through bandcamp.

MONOGRAPH 50 (tape, Fort Evil Fruit)

Monograph 50 captures a two-set sextet performance at De Singer in Belgium organised to mark Serries’ 50th birthday. Joining Serries on guitar and accordion are: Patrick De Groote (trumpet), Nils Vermeulen (double bass) Benedict Taylor (viola), Colin Webster (alto sax), and Martina Verhoeven (piano).

INTERMEDIATE OBSCURITIES III (cd, Spontaneous Live Series)

Live at Spontaneous Music Festival, Dragon Social Club (Poznan, Poland) on October 5th 2019. The line-up was Pawel Doskocz (acoustic guitar), Andrew Lisle (percussion), Ostap Mańko (violin), Witold Oleszak (piano), Dirk Serries (acoustic guitar), Anna Szmatola (cello), Benedict Taylor (viola) and Colin Webster (alto sax).