Sunny Side Inc. Studio

Sunny Side Inc studios is a labour of love. It was developed around a main centerpiece, the heart of the studio : a live room whose vision stems from the heritage of the golden-age of studios, where the whole band could play together in one space, offering impeccable acoustics for any instrument up to 8 musicians; the possibility to interact with one another, other than through separate booths, yet provide enough sonic separation within the open room. As a flexible and modular approach the drum corner can be isolated if need be and mobile gobo’s can be deployed to attenuate the more vigorous player.

The sound of the live room has a short to medium reverberation time depending on where a musician stands in the room, never being too dry or washed out, maintaining an accurate and desirable resonance of any instrument.

Second, we wanted a control room with exquisite monitoring and the most neutral possible listening space, for critical audio editing, producing, mixing and mastering, with an open view to the live room through a large window-wall.

As a byproduct of the quality and configuration of the control room, it can double as a deluxe vocal/lead/solist booth, with unobstructed view to the live room.

The studio was designed by master acoustician Thomas Jouanjean from Northward Acoustics, whose work around the world is testimony to the pinnacle of modern studio design with a soul.

Upon meeting with Dirk Serries, it became clear from the start that the acoustics of the room are a match for the delicate nature of free or improvised music, where the sound of the player and their instrument must be able to develop naturally, across all dynamics and frequencies.

We are thrilled for having grown into this collaboration for over 8 years, welcoming musicians from all over Europe, each with their own voice and sonic palette and look forward continuing this journey into alternative & experimental sound and music.

Visit the studio here.