A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ is not about jazz music, persé, but more about a philosophy. A style, an approach, a modus operandi in communicating between artists, label and audience. A platform for all experiments and sound exchanges between the affiliated musicians on the label, from full-on free improvisation to minimalism. However this creativity lives between the cracks and is fully DIY so we’re setting up this VIP membership for the devotees among you.

Your membership will help us to support future releases, concerts and projects. In return you will get access to :

  • new releases (digitally)
  • exclusive unreleased live recordings, home sessions, album outtakes
  • 10% discount on merch.

Get your membership on our bandcamp site. Thank you for supporting DIY !

The A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ vault currently holds the following exclusive digital and membership-only recordings :

Antoine Beuger : flute
Tom Jackson : clarinet
Dirk Serries : soprano melodica
Colin Webster : alto sax

Performed live at the A New Wave Of Jazz festival, October 18th 2019 at De Singer (Rijkevorsel, Belgium), recorded by Kris Roevens. Mixed and mastered by Dirk Serries. Photography by Geert Vandepoele.

Hannan Marshall : cello
Dirk Serries : acoustic guitar
Otto Willberg : double bass

Performed at A New Wave Of Jazz festival, February 8th 2020 at Hundred Years Gallery (London, UK). Recorded and mixed by Martin Clarke. Mastered by Dirk Serries. Photography by Shaun Cullen.

Martina Verhoeven : piano
Patrick De Groote : trumpet, flugelhorn

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at A New Wave Of Jazz streaming festival, March 20th 2021 at the Sunny Side Inc. studio (Anderlecht, Belgium).

Jasper Stadhouders : acoustic guitar, amplified.
Dirk Serries : electric and acoustic guitar.

Performed at Jazzblazzt (Neeritter, The Netherlands), January 26th 2019. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirk Serries. Photography by Jef Vandebroek.